Saturday, August 14, 2010

I love supplies

Sometimes I think I enjoy buying supplies more than I actually enjoy sewing. I started off wanting to make some zipped pouches for a craft fair, so I stumbled upon and ordered some of these on etsy. Could anything be lovelier, I mean really? For me, the raw materials represent the possibilities ahead. So, I've been admiring them all day and, of course, taking pictures. Maybe I should actually make something, but now that I've spent all this time trying to fix my blog header, I'm tired and may just go watch a movie (and embroider).

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Orphan dress

I laughed out loud today when my daughter said she "liked this dress I made her. It's just like what girls in orphanages wear." I guess she's been heavily influenced by all the Annie (as in 'little orphan') action going on in our house (movie, live musical, cd--over and over and over). I guess I do like kids' clothes to be understated and, well, boring. My eyes hurt when I see some of the barbie pink clothing available. Oh, and I'm pretty sure I was visibly annoyed when my daughter inherited a leopard print polyester dress from an older friend (it seems to always to be in the wash so she can't wear it.). Well, anyway here's my Ice Cream Social dress from Oliver and S with our sweet new kitten. I added an embroidered 'K' button to make it more enticing. I think it worked.