Sunday, March 29, 2009

And just like that...

She turns four! Somehow this birthday hit me harder than most. She just woke up acting more grown up. As a stay-at-home mom, I've tried so hard to savor the good stuff, but I find it so difficult to remember how fast it really goes while bogged down in the ridiculous household challenges of the moment. I'm going through a period of extreme baby lust and actively contemplating a third baby especially after reading this post. Becoming a mother has certainly been in so many ways the beginning of me. I'm so lucky to be participating in this journey with my children.

And I even came up with a nifty party favor idea. I've always struggled with party favors as they are generally crappy little toys that break immediately and go directly to a landfill (in my house anyway), so I decided to do cds of Katya's favorite songs. I know this is not a new idea (and is, in fact, an infringement of copyright. Please don't turn me in!), but at least I hope they will be enjoyed by recipients for a while before being tossed into the trash. I realized Friday night that I had no cd cases, so I sewed up these little interfaced fabric envelopes from my enormous pile of scraps.

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