Sunday, August 9, 2009


I have been drooling over the stuff made by Wovenplay ever since I discovered them about a year ago. In general, I think it's nuts to spend that kind of money on children's anything, but you can just tell that these items are beautifully made and I'm actually contemplating getting a cape for Katya's birthday (but now that I'm looking, it might be harder to find than I thought). They are spectacular. I've thought about trying to recreate it, but then I realize that I'd only fail. I have a friend who tried on a Prada skirt that was on sale for a mere $350 (marked down from $800), so she went home a spent an untold amount of time trying to recreate it. After obsessing for far too long, she admitted, "I should have just bought the damn skirt." I think a lot about the cost of things and how we often expect things to be so much cheaper than is reasonable, especially for handmade items. In any case, I'd really love to win this skirt on one of my favorite blogs. Pick me, pick me, pick me......

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