Friday, July 16, 2010

Brother and sister

I recently made these dolls for a brother and sister. I just love how they turned out. I used the Poppy Doll pattern from Hop, Skip, Jump. I've made this doll several times and it always comes out cute (and slightly different, which is what I love about making dolls). I struggled with the boy clothes and just settled on these overalls I had from a doll pattern. I wish they were a little more "boy", but time was limited. I'd like to create a cute (but not too cute) boys' outfit sometime. I like coming up with my own doll patterns, but also really like using patterns from others since I enjoy learning a new way of putting a softie together. Just like I keep ordering patterns from Oliver and S because (I keep telling myself and my husband), it's cheaper than sewing classes and buying all the adorable kids' clothes out there! Speaking of which....I may be starting a patternmaking class soon. I am excited beyond belief!

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