Saturday, July 31, 2010

Not a single serious shot

I did a little photo shoot today at the zoo of a dress I made several months ago. It's the Oliver and S Playdate Dress, which seems to be discontinued now. I've sewn it several times now and really like it, especially this one even if it does look slightly amish. I love classic styling on children. I found this linen at Joann's where I'm sometimes surprised (pleasantly) by their linen solids. And, of course, she enjoyed wearing her new fall boots with it. Only in San Francisco can you get away with fall boots in July (in the western hemisphere anyway!). Oh gosh, I need to sew something for my son (something I constantly feel guilty about, but don't seem to do much to alleviate these feelings!). I actually have some cute pants I made many months ago for him....will post pictures soon just to make myself feel better. And I'm sewing for myself, well, I've cut out a couple of dresses for myself. Hopefully, it will amount to something wearable.

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