Monday, September 6, 2010

Half made by me

I can't even really believe that I (almost) knit a sweater for my daughter! I say almost because I started this project about 2+ years ago and then put it away (in pieces) to be completely forgotten about. Recently, a knitter friend of mine was interested in taking a look at my (completely unused, beautiful) yarn stash also packed away (remember I mentioned my love affair with supplies?!) since I mentioned that I'd love to get rid of some of it. She pulled the pieces out and said "Hey, I'll finish this for you." That was about the sweetest thing I've ever heard. Finishing projects has always been a challenge for me, but especially in cases where I've just completely thrown in the towel. So, she knit the sleeves and collar and then sewed the whole thing together and finished the edges...even put the buttons on (aren't they cute?). And then gave it back to me and Katya was thrilled to wear it. It's a tad wonky but I'm absolutely okay with that. I feel so incredibly proud and motivated to actually knit more. I wonder if I could pull off a sweater for my son for Christmas....of course, I'll need to go buy some more yarn (it's got to be cheaper than therapy...although sometimes I'm not so sure)!

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