Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello there, blog!

It's not that I haven't been making anything, in fact I've been making everything, but I had technical difficulties with my blog (like it disappeared) and my lovely husband figured it all out with the people at Google, for which I am incredibly grateful because I have no patience for this kind of thing. So, I just lost all my momentum around blogging, but I'll give it another try.
I'll start with an old project I made months ago from Hillary Lang's stunning book. I immediately wanted to make Little Miss Storybook so I did and I really love her. My daughter is complete indifferent, as she is with most of the dolls I make, but I smile whenever I see it. And now I have realized, that's really what this handmade thing is all about.

On another note, I won some completely gorgeous Frye boots on eBay (first time bidding!) for a complete steal. I am currently trying to sew a wardrobe to go with the boots. First tunic is kind of a disaster, but I have many other projects waiting for a turn. I've finally decided to cut into fabric I've been hoarding for years because I might as well enjoy it on my body instead of staring at it on the shelf (which I do plenty, believe me!). 

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